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March 23, 2023
Category: Student Stories

From HR Partner to Software Engineer: Gian's Journey with We Can Code IT via Amazon's Career Choice Program

Gian, a business administration graduate with eight years of experience as an HR partner, found his passion for coding while working on a website for his side business.

While working on the HR side of Amazon, Gian was able to learn about the benefits that come with Amazon’s Career Choice program. This opportunity fully funded his software engineering education at We Can Code IT. “It’s an amazing benefit, and Amazon pays for the entire thing. It’s free to me and invaluable for the opportunity they give, to utilize this resource and change your life,” Gian explained.

Throughout his bootcamp experience, Gian formed strong friendships and gained valuable knowledge throughout the process. “I gained a lot of friendships and relationships that mean so much to me,” he shared.

One of the most memorable experiences for Gian was his final project, where he had the opportunity to discuss the technology used with stakeholders and see everything he had learned come together. “Seeing everything that we have learned coming to fruition in one project was awesome,” he added.

Gian’s motivation came from his determination to finish what he started, the support of his classmates and instructors, and the encouragement of his wife and 11-year-old son. “Having the support of the group and other classmates and also the instructors were always there and available to help, so that made it better. My wife and 11-year-old always pushed me and told me I could do it and keep going,” Gian said.

After completing the bootcamp, Gian’s time investment paid off. He landed a lucrative software engineering job at JPMorgan Chase, thanks to an employer spotlight event organized by We Can Code IT’s Career Services. “I don’t think I would have thought about joining JPMorgan Chase had I not met the employers through the spotlights,” Gian mentioned.

The coding bootcamp prepared Gian for his new job by providing real-life insights into software engineering and teaching him technical skills, teamwork, and problem-solving. “They told you how it would be once you got out of the bootcamp. Learning how to do the technical stuff, how to merge, work as a team, really helped,” he said.

Since completing the bootcamp, Gian has enjoyed a much higher income and a more relaxed work environment. “[It’s great] having money. I am making way more than I thought I would. It’s more fun than it is work,” he shared.

Gian’s advice for anyone considering We Can Code IT is to not be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem simple. “Do not be afraid to ask the most simple questions. Half of the things I wouldn’t know if someone else didn’t ask,” he explained. He emphasizes the importance of committing to the program and continuing to code after the bootcamp. “It is a commitment, give it your all.”

Gian's Student Story Amazon Career Choice and We Can Code IT Graduate