Hakan’s Story

March 8, 2023
Category: Student Stories

Amazon Career Choice Coding Bootcamp Graduate Finds a New Data Science Career After Attending We Can Code IT

Hakan, a Ph.D. student in biomedical engineering with a minor in computational biology, had always been interested in the tech industry. However, his coding skills were not strong enough to get a job in that field. It was then that he learned about the Amazon Career Choice program from a friend who used to work at Amazon. Hakan saw this as an opportunity to enhance his coding skills and pursue a career in the tech industry.

“Thanks to the Amazon Career Choice program, I was able to get hands-on, organized training from WCCI to improve my coding skills. I’m grateful for Amazon and WCCI’s support in helping me achieve my career goals,” Hakan said. 

Hakan’s experience with the program exceeded his expectations. His coaches went above and beyond to connect him with people in the industry who shared his interests, leading to a new network that supported his career goals. Moreover, Hakan was impressed with the quality of the program’s instructors. They had significant experience in software development before the recent technology boom, making them more knowledgeable and capable of sharing their passion and preparing students for the challenges they will face in the real world.

Today, Hakan works as a Biomedical Data Engineer at Innovative Element, where he and his team are working with the Air Force on a project for NASA. Although he is not working for Amazon, Hakan is grateful to the company for providing him with the opportunity to pursue his dream career in the tech industry.

Hakan Celik Amazon Career Choice We Can Code IT Coding Bootcamp Student Success Story